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About Us

Heritage Lumber manufactures and distributes reclaimed lumber and wood products salvaged from older buildings in the PNW. While we are based in Vancouver, BC, our products and clientele can be found across Western Canada, and along the southwest coast in the USA.

Heritage Lumber

A passionate team of wood lovers, environmental change makers and community driven people. Reclaimed wood represents far more than a raw material - it is a way of honouring ancient trees and an integral piece of architectural preservation. Our team is dedicated to evolving reclaimed wood products to take further strides in making the construction industry more sustainable and circular. We are just getting started.

Environmental Impact

Reclaimed wood is shown to have nearly 12 times less embodied carbon than newly cut lumber. This makes reclaimed wood the most sustainable building material on the market. Every tonne of salvaged lumber saves roughly 5 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Utilizing reclaimed wood and boosting deconstruction as a service will keep CO2 out of the atmosphere, more trees in the ground and lumber out of our over-flowing landfills.

The History Of Reclaimed Wood


Heritage Lumber recirculates more than raw material, it is part of the heritage and legacy in BC. The lumber that we put back into use comes from trees up to 2000 years old. The only place to find this rare resource is locked behind the walls of our old buildings.


We have a consistent supply of reclaimed material through our sister company Unbuilders Deconstruction as well as other deconstruction and demolition companies across Canada. This enables us to have a diverse supply of sizes, quality and types of lumber. We specialize in old growth lumber from historic buildings and structures in BC and further afield.

Our Team

Let us introduce you to our team of professionals who personify Heritage Lumber’s core values and who are dedicated to providing you with a seamless experience on every project.

Featured Sources

From homes to historical landmarks, discover some of the many different projects that our reclaimed lumber comes from.