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Heritage Lumber

The reclaimed wood we sell has many layers beyond the resource itself. We break our lumber down into 3 classifications based on properties and sizing. Lumber through time changed from old growth fir to second/third growth fir to the SPF of today. In general, reclaimed wood has the lightest footprint of all building materials and using it has a huge positive environmental impact.

R4S (Pre-1920s )

  • Old Growth fir

  • R4S – Rough sawn on 4 sides

  • True dimensional – a 2×4 is 2”x4” (sizes vary due to the historical milling)

R2S (1920-1945)

  • Old Growth Fir

  • R2S – Rough sawn on 2 sides (though can be smooth occasionally)

  • Large dimensional (a 2×4 is 1 3/4”x3 3/4”)

S4S (1945-1980s)

  • Typically Old Growth fir into the 1970s

  • S4S – smooth on 4 sides (Vancouver Island wood has rough sawn into the 1970s)

  • Modern dimensions (a 2×4 is 1 1/2” x 3 1/2”)